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«  alla zoppa »  

The music of ZOPPA is like the arrival of spring; celebrating love, hope and creation. It is a rare alliance of two mediterranean singers and musicians; Kalliroi Raouzeou, a Greek pianist, singer and composer and Sylvie Paz, singer and composer of Spanish origin. A subtle combination of traditionnel greek poetry and spanish coplas. But their songs are also inspired by poems of Neruda or Pessoa… evoking separation and loneliness.. The two artists met in Marseille and shared songs from their secret garden which they call ECHOPOETICS  in the spirit of "alla zoppa"; a musical term that refers to the asymmetrical and wobbly rhythm like the « aksak ». 

The first album of the duo is coming out in Summer 2020. Topographia (Socadisc/Sublimes Portes. The musical set can be performed as a duo or a jazz quartet with renowned French artists such as Cédrick Bec, drums and Pierre Fénichel, double basse. 


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