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designates an open port, a poetic shelter to repair the wounds of separation.

"Maura Guerrera explores a unique, composite and singular musical territory, that of the vocal traditions of Sicily. She has been able to invite musicians from all walks of life to her discoveries, and it is only natural that Malik Ziad, with whom she has developed a wise complicity, accompanies her today on this album. The journey to which they initiate us is, of course, the one they make towards each other, listening to the buried beats and the immersed waves that connect, travel and cross their respective territories. Malik Ziad's mandolin and guembri combined with Maura Guerrera's voice make it possible to materialise these links, to give them flesh. They also make it possible to signify the hopes and desires that make up the fabric of all these texts.

"Moved by the breath, punctuated with sighs, criss-crossed by totemic places and characters, this song has crossed the centuries without ever altering. It responds to horizons, tears or soothes them without ever betraying them"

Manu Théron

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